What are the implications of a physical universe that is constantly changing its size through the mechanism of perfectly proportional, constantly accelerating, four-dimensional, material and spatial atomic growth (and decay), the most natural of all forms of motion in a cyclical, breathing universe?

   1. Nothing in our physical experience would change, except our understanding of it.
   2. It would only be visible from an imaginary point of view.
   3. It would explain the recession of the galaxies, why space expands. Thus:

   4. It would eliminate the need for a Big Bang explosion and all its logical problems. And,

   5. It would eliminate the need for black holes, both repugnant ideas to Einstein.
   6. It would explain and define time as 4-d movement in space.
   7. It would explain and define space as 4-d movement in time.
   8. It would explain weight as the resistance to acceleration; the sensation of inertia.
   9. It would explain gravitation as the collapse of inertial forces, opposite of Newton’s G.
  10. It would explain positive and negative electrical charges as frictional effects.
  11. It would explain heat and average temperature of universe as the same frictional effects.
  12. It would explain light, which only comes when something that is ‘burning’: heat.
  13. It would explain substance and the procession of true four-dimensionality.
  14. It would explain matter as the 3-d appearance of true four-dimensionality.
  15. It would explain the wave-particle duality and “the reality crisis” in physics.
  16. It would eliminate “quantum weirdness” by embracing paradox itself.
  17. It would introduce the fourth dimension as the pathway to the Infinite.
  18. It would introduce a new and powerful variable in all theories of thought.
  19. It would produce the universal process, the long awaited ‘mechanism’.
  20. It would disclose a paradoxical, self-referential, living universe – our identity.

And so on and so on...


To understand your self, your universe, your world and your god, plus the differences and similarities between them, you must – utterly MUST – embrace the four dimensional weight of the world as it acts upon you. This is the primal sensation, that mysterious sixth sense that allows the understanding to come to the forefront.


Fact: We all have this ‘sixth sense’ that clears up practically every mystery the eyes of man has ever faced. But we’ve been conditioned to ignore this sensation, the most dominant and relentless sensation we have. And because of this state of induced ‘ignorance’, the whole book of gravitation has become the sacred cow of science.


The sensation, of course, is weight, what we feel every waking moment of our lives; the eternal mystery of weight.


The earth beneath your feet – “solid as it looks – is mostly empty space” (Bertrand Russell); exactly opposite to its appearance.


The earth beneath your feet – normal as it looks – is in perpetual, four-dimensional motion; exactly opposite to its appearance.


The earth beneath your feet is a construct made up of the very same entities constructing the sensorium that sees it. That hears it. That smells, touches and tastes it. And mostly, that weighs it – and then ignores this last sense as anything meaningful.


Actuality (true four-dimensionality) is hiding in plain sight; it is growing before our eyes can see it. The reality we see is not actual, but virtual; an effect of the timely process of transduction, the transformation of energy from one form to another. Or, closer to the point, from one reality to another (i.e., wave-like to particle-like).


Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. Albert Einstein


All our theories of thought are based on limitation; that there are limits to size and duration; that things can only be so small (or large) and so fast (or slow). It’s called finitism, the three dimensional world of inherent limitations.


But as every scientist knows – but most tend to conveniently forget – the world is four dimensional.


20th century Science has detoured us through the quagmire of uncertainty and so-called ‘normalized’ solutions to the degree that we can all believe whatever reality we choose; that it’s all a crap-shoot, because ‘God plays dice’ with the world. Now this, of course, is all regurgitated Copenhagen dogma; trickle-down pop wisdom from 20th century Scientism and its just plain wrong philosophy: the worst of the worst from ‘the best of the best’.


But ask yourself: why are we left with an uninterpreted electron-refraction experiment (Nobel, 1933) lending evidence for an uninterpreted fourth dimension and an uninterpreted wave-function and an uninterpreted ‘force’ of gravity, all of which – once simplified – yield their own results; i.e. are easily interpreted, but denied and ignored?


There are two answers. The first emerges when you ask: Who benefits? Who wins? Who loses? What are the implications?


We can believe anything we want; that is, anything but true four-dimensionality – what “the new physics” was destined, if not designed, to replace.


The second answer was given by Heraclitus over2500 years ago. Once again:


What is Eternal escapes men’s notice because of their incredulity.


But to reclaim our evolutionary gift, we simply must stop ignoring and refusing to understand the most obvious, most powerful clue that universe offers us; that just as we see the world, we weigh the world; we ‘feel’ it during all of our waking hours. We feel the world with the eyes, ears, nose, etc. How it registers on the brain is according to which sense organ, or transducer, it filters through. Weight is felt by employing the entire body, the ultimate transducer (the universe itself could also lay claim to this distinction).


We pay such a dear price when we feel the world with only five sensations. When we forget, or ignore, that primary sensation, that sensation the holds ‘the key’ to the treasure; that sensation that finally lets us SEE that the key itself is the treasure, Oh, the fantastic stories we live out, the sufferance we endure as well as put upon our fellow inmates. All because we simply cannot afford to understand the truth.


At both ends of our journey lies a pot of gold; the incredible relationship between the cardinal dualities (space and time, matter and energy); where they define each other by becoming each other; where “in time the clock slows as the universe grows.”  Not from any finite or “modern” point of view, mind you, but from an imaginary point of view. We can only see moments, or “slices” of space-time, not the space-time continuum itself. We see nature “caught in the act” of becoming itself. The eye cannot see its own four-dimensionality any more than it can see the four-dimensionality of what it sees. The primary process that bridges all dualities, although perceived—as weight!—is forever invisible.  But we can imagine it.


The most important result however, is the communion brought about by the medium through which all aspects of motion pass: the aether, or ether (currently called “the field” in physics.  But ‘a rose by any other name’…).  The ether is “the seat,” the field of play, and the embodiment of all the above invisible metaphors including entropy and perhaps consciousness itself; and ultimately, it’s where physics is transformed into metaphysics, the very reason for our journey in the first place.