The Great Quantum Cover-up


Chapter Two 




Because of what we have learned about observation in the last half of the twentieth century, what was discovered in the first half is beginning to make some sense.


Science is about what we can observe, measure and predict. The ‘top secret of the physical universe’, and the ‘missing variable’ (along with the Heraclitean principle), is about what can only be imagined; what cannot be seen with the eyes and why; and that what we do see is but an emergent façade, the barest hint of the treasure that is waiting behind the quantum interpretive curtain.


For instance, there is a vast difference between the real world and the visible world; so vast, in fact, that they must ultimately exist in entirely separate realities; one actual, and one virtual; the latter – our observed reality – emerging as an effect of the former.


Observation is not, as the quantum philosophers insisted, a fundamental aspect of our physical existence. The statement: “no phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon” cannot be true because the world of appearances is a virtual – ‘in effect’, but not in fact – world. The entire three dimensional observed reality – the very purpose of our universe – is subordinate to, emerges from, and thus totally dependent upon, the invisible four dimensional reality, the process of universe.


Appearance depends on substance and it is downright silly to deny the latter in order to place the former on such a high alter.


But the grinding force of the Official scientific world is a godless, meaningless, emotionless, leaderless, self-serving, and self-perpetuating entity that moves as a life unto its own; all created and governed, not by the action of substantive matter, or even sound reasoning, but by “…breathing fire into mathematical equations”. And since an entire industry is built upon this illusion from seeing, it is not easily going to go away.


Infinity: We are either so small that we cannot see it, or we are so large we cannot see it. What we do see with the eyes, and all the other technological extensions of perception, is a limited and thus finite reality. But it is not all! This is the message to be given.


It is not just limited by how we see: through the filtering eyes of quantum mechanics and the very small; it is also limited by what we see and where we see it: through the eyes of general relativity and the world at large. Now an elegant, simple and cohesive mathematical bridge was offered to unite these two states and see everything; but it remains uncrossed. Why? Not because it isn’t crossable, but because it isn’t feasible: it is of no benefit to physics. Plus, we cannot see it!


We are either so small that we cannot see it or we are so large that we cannot see it……


We do not see quantum events directly. Nor do we see stellar events directly. It is only through theories (“a looking”) created from our middle ground that information from its opposite and disparate borders can be interpreted. And this information must come through expensive, highly technological visual extensions to come to light.


When are the scientists going to realize the fact that the ability to see with the eyes requires a full spatial dimension of reality. Just as photography and all other visual representations have always done.


To really see what’s out there, you must envision it without the eyes and/or the theories developed around what we see with the eyes. The world of appearance we’ve all grown up with is incomplete and our many unproven assumptions are simply wrong – very wrong, which is why what passes for understanding is so unnecessarily complex and sometimes downright impossible and even silly.


What we see with the eyes is not the territory, but the best map we are allowed to have. To fully comprehend the territory you must plug in that sensation you’ve been ignoring your entire life (ignorance comes from what we ignore). The sensation of weight allows us to see in between those slices of space-time (wave peaks) that light waves offer.


We need not just see, hear, taste, and touch it, We need to rediscover how to weigh the world. When we do this, we will once again know it for just what it is – what it really is. How it works – how it really works. And who we are – who we really are.



It’s this middle ground of observable chaos where the problems reside, the specious, spatial and temporal NOW HERE (which, with a small verbal juxtaposition, can also mean, NO WHERE).


The “replay” of vision means filtered, manipulated, transformed re-action: there is NO PASSIVE WINDOW TO THE WORLD! Light reaches the photoreceptors only after traveling through “the multitude of nerve fibers” in the retina. Then, after reacting with the rods and cones, it makes its way back toward the retina. “In essence, the human retina is designed inside out”. In a nuclear time-zone, this takes an enormous amount of time. To us, however, our vision seems instant; which is why we always assume ourselves to be passive windows to the world instead of active filters, transformers – manipulators and finally, interpreters.


There is a gigantic, but forbidding, final step toward “The Understanding” that official science refuses to take. Indeed, our cultural understanding – our basis of reason and rationality – goes right out the window when it’s considered. Such is the power of the hidden variable at hand.


Our “modern” basis for reason and rationality is founded almost entirely on our observation and measurement of a physical world ‘outside’. It must be brought inside some medium – such as the eyes, brain, or a recording medium like a camera or spectroscope – in order to do either. This means it must be transformed or processed through some kind of transducer. To go from the outside world to the inside world requires that transformation of energy called transduction.


Now the implications of this are never spoken of in scientific literature and it's about time some dialogue is started on the subject. For this reason:


The world is a four-dimensional space-time continuum. Yet we only see three dimensions and only discontinuous entities. The only thing reaching the brain is discontinuous electro-chemical pulses. Recordings, which are “proofs”, are only two-dimensional, yet another dimension lean.


Since our observed reality is a ‘replay’, a result of process, filtering, transforming etc., this means what we see is a reproduction, and more importantly, an effect! Not necessarily a fact. And this means that by definition, we live and die in a virtual reality. Which means further that there must be an actuality beneath from which it emerges.


It is this actuality which, by some tacit understanding, the entire world of physics ignores, denies, and refuses to acknowledge.


How to “see” with a different perspective.


Is there a way to prove that the particle exists anywhere besides within the medium observing or measuring it? That it is a fundamental aspect of the outside world independent of the processes of observation and measurement? And not a creation of that process?


Apparently not, since the quantum mechanics proclaim strongly for an observer created reality, and in some cases a “self-aware” universe. And there is truth here. But as Niels Bohr has famously said: “The opposite of a great truth is also a great truth”


Only half of the secret came through. The other half was stopped in its tracks for two reasons.


1. Credulity, or incredulity. It mocked the normalized, three-dimensional world and its “way of thought”.

2. The feedback loop called “success self-destructs”: to win the game is to end the game; to continue the game is to change the game.


In Einstein's world, these particles are but 'condensations' of the electro-magnetic field. To Schrödinger, they are but 'standing waves'. What creates an individual 'note' in a sound wave creates an individual ‘knot’ in a matter wave: the world is a symphony - in progress! If only we had eyes to see and ears to hear.


True four-dimensionality cannot be meaningfully measured, much less observed. The fact that we do measure it means our measurements are limited in meaning to close proximity; they are operational and expedient, but lack universal meaning. And this reduction of significance is intolerable to a scientist. Of course, it can be measured as weight and thus experience, but it cannot be visually observed. Physics has broached this by assuming that observation and measurement are one and the same thing.


It takes a certain bravery and resolve to cut through all the bluff and fluff of the 'new physics' to true-four-dimensionality. The fact that we live in a four-dimensional world with three-dimensional vision and three-dimensional reasoning carries a message of serious import that must, utterly must, be confronted.