Life in the Interim

A Vision From the P.O.V. of The G.O.D.



And the first morning of creation wrote what

The last dawn of Reckoning shall read.

(Omar Khayyam)




What George Spencer-Brown called the “original mystery – how or why the universe conceives a desire and discovers an ability to see itself and suffer the process” – is well stated.


The very notion that there exists an ability to see and, equally, something to be seen is more astounding and profound than at first appears. And once it’s realized what can never be seen through the eyes, what must be sacrificed in order to bring sight into the world; well, you haven’t seen anything until you can imagine the arena of true four-dimensionality. It’s almost like seeing God watching God pour God into God……


The science of physics has painted itself into quite a fantastic corner here. They found that the notion of size is a passing fancy; that there is no such thing as the permanent size of anything. The science of measurement found that measurement itself is a meaningless act in a world of perpetual change (which seems to be at the heart of the quantum realm). Like all knowledge, it’s chimera, incomplete, changing, becoming something else – even while we look!


The ultimate irony lies in the fact that those assigned the task of finding out these things, found it out! Modern man, ‘the measurer’, discovered measurement is an empty category; a hollow gesture – no matter how much usability or how many pragmatic benefits it contains. He didn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it. This is the number one ‘unthinkable’ alternative. Literally, the unseen, and un-seeable, self-contained, self-inflicted, Trojan horse of Science.


Science discovered its mortality and suffered its own mental breakdown by discovering its own obsolescence. It must be vigorously applauded for this discovery. And equally admonished, if not derided, for not accepting it. For ignoring it. For not leading us into the next evolutionary step. And for its abject refusal to face up to its own hard earned facts. But mostly, for passing on an alternative ‘solution’ of the most sinister kind.  Because for Science, a philosophy of meaninglessness and despair is required (and promoted) just to stay ‘in business’.


What do you do with a million physicists in a world where physicists have discovered their own obsolescence? And another million astronomers; and another million biologists, and geologists and so on and so on...


Living in the Interim


One can think of the universe as all spirit, with matter being the densest form; or one can think of the universe as all substance, with spirit being its most rarified form. (Sri Aurobindo)


Banesh Hoffman provides this picturesque description of Louis de Broglie's matter waves, a quite breathtaking view of, not just a quantum particle, but the entire invisible substantive reality from “the rest of the universe”:


If we write down the usual mathematical expression for such a pulsation we can interpret it in two ways:  either as a bottled up heartbeat or else a spread out pulsation...  Thus he assumed[using both interpretations at once] that a particle at rest not only possessed a localized heartbeat but also was accompanied by a widespread pulsation forever in step with it and extending all over the universe. This pulsation was as if a whole ocean were rising and falling like the floor of some vast elevator; there were no waves in the ordinary sense, just a steady rise and fall.  Is this fantastic? 2 (see psi fi 1)


The universe and all you behold is a transfinite expression of the Infinite. In a sense, all else is merely words, labels ‘affixed to our ignorance’ and lack of understanding. But the wonderful nature of separate realities allows us to live in the interim between them and use them at our own leisure and benefit.


The ‘interim’ is our size and time capsule. It’s a ride between 0 and 100 years, or so, where we – just by being here – create our own space-time universe; our Capsule; our very own Grand Observational Dimension.


To know and operate the most efficiently requires three dimensional knowledge, led by sight and sound and mathematical science. But Science has promoted a godless and meaningless world lacking any basis of morality.


So to understand rhyme and reason and make important moral and ethical decisions, requires true four-dimensionality led by the weight of the world as it acts upon you. For it tells you how and why you’re here in the first place.


Our capsule is our ‘cosmic egg’. But it can be so fragile. This “Humpty Dumpty”… can ‘fall’ into the follies of finitism rather easily.


Seeing in the Fourth Dimension


Thinking four-dimensionally means loosening up the boundaries we’ve arbitrarily placed on our three dimensional thought. For instance, we must forget the unproven notion that we are the universal standard of size and time that our humanistic ancestors placed on us by saying: “man is the measure of all things”. I mean, how coincidental can it be that we lie ‘smack-dab-in the middle’ of all notions of size, time and motion?


From the 1 X 1013 cm scale of the galaxy to the 1 X 10 -13 cm scale of the electron, here we sit. We are likewise centrally located between the unattainable speed limit of light and the unattainable absolute zero of temperature (no motion whatsoever).


There is no universal standard of size and time folks! Where is it? What is it? How, why, when? Who? This unspoken assumption grew out of something called ‘uniformitarianism’, the precursor of Darwin’s theory. This uniformity evolves from the ancient doctrine of permanence, given in the sixth century BC by Parmenides, who made the exact same mistake we’ve been making for over a century, by mutually excluding the reality of change and substance; what Heraclitus called logos, the how and why of perpetual flux, the first cosmology.


What true four-dimensionality removes from the scene (besides randomness and chance) is the quite arbitrary notion that the lengths of space and time we measure are universal and meaningful. That an inch is an inch and an hour is an hour always and everywhere. Vision makes this appear so, memory reinforces it and day to day experience seems to confirm it. Every morning the kitchen and the coffee pot looks the same. It takes the same time to brew the coffee, same ingredients, same results. Sameness! Seems like a universal principle right?


The world of perpetual change calls the universality of all this into question regarding it as a time consuming, (somewhat illusory) emergent state made for our own benefit; a world of appearance dictated, not by the act but by the process of vision, the “replay that confounds us”. Acting out this illusory state as if it were reality itself is what The Brahmans call Maya.


Our Dilemma: If there is no size, there is no time. Yet we feel duration! Just as we all see size! Just as we all feel a universe ‘out there’ as it acts upon us. Everything is created in the interim, between the separate realities we sense and perceive. And our current, resulting picture of it lay only at the boundaries, and is perhaps the greatest, most grand delusion humanly possible.


But here’s the rub. ‘Delusion’ or not, we mustn’t forget that it’s all made for our benefit; that we really are something special; so special, in fact that there would be no reality without us, or at least the idea of us. And if there is an idea of us, then whose idea is it?


Through the clues delivered by Planck and Einstein, Prince Louis de Broglie pointed the direction; then Erwin Schrödinger discovered the most wonderful tool, christened ‘the wave-function; and George P. Thomson, with an experiment yielding the proof, opened the door showing the bridge we must cross. But it was/is a bridge not visible to the finite eyes of modern man. And since no one wants to sing his own Swan Song, ‘they’ flatly refused to acknowledge it.


But then the biologists stepped in and finished the job by pointed out something that showed us the error of our ways, that seeing was not passive reflection, but active filtering; that the particulars we’ve been near worshiping (quanta) were but stepping stones to a far greater reality: true four-dimensionality, the world of perpetual change that changes with a whim, to that visible version (uni-vers-ion) we came to see in the first place!


So whoever you are,
Wherever you’ve been,
Whatever condition your spirit is in,
Awake! from the sleep
Of your shadowland dreams
And remember whose life that you’re in.


‘Cause if you’re still a part of the joke you can’t see,
Where the joke and the joker’s the same entity;
And if you still think Truth must be subject to view,
For the rest of your time will the joke be on you.
(Joy, the Rime)