The brilliant seventeenth century philosopher and co-inventor of the calculus, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, said:


Although the whole of this life were said to be nothing but a dream and the physical world nothing but a phantasm, I should call this dream or phantasm real enough, if, using reason well, we were never deceived by it.


But what if we were deceived by it? And quite necessarily so? And deceived in a manner that the conditioned adult mind could not dream of? And deceived so thoroughly that our creative genius added to and compounded the deception? Considering all the various, conflicting world-views and the multitude of various Gods we’re led to believe in, wouldn’t this realization help to clear up some of the confusion?


It couldn't possibly be, you say? And I ask: how could it be any other way?


“Phantasm”, is what Plato called “objective reality as perceived and distorted by the five senses”. And for good reason. Because in effect, our actuality is hiding in plain sight. Why can’t we see it? Because, just like all visual reproductions, seeing requires a full spatial dimension of our actuality to work. Such is the nature of the great cosmic joke: the world of appearance itself! How truly prescient Plato was:


The prisonhouse’, said Plato, ‘is the world of sight.’ Every seeming avenue of escape from this prison house that science has surveyed leads only deeper into a misty realm of symbolism and abstraction. (Lincoln Barnett, The Universe and Dr. Einstein)


What nature presents through “the prisonhouse” of sight is a virtual reality. In other words, what we see with the eyes, what we always think of as a direct reflection of what is real – that great panorama of sight – is not real at all! It’s an effect of a complete transformation of energy that loses, subtracts or ‘collapses’ vital information in the process; information that is either lost or must make its way into the brain by some other means. Which, in fact, it does.


And the first thing that this means is that we live in two separate realities: what it was like before this time-consuming reproduction, or "replay", and what we think it is like after it.


Probably the most upsetting aspect of this vital information is why we are not being told about it! Because the information that's lost represents – in toto – “the fourth degree of freedom of motion”; that is, the fourth spatial dimension of growth, gravity and the gateway to "the understanding".


The very eyes that read these words convey limited (finite), filtered, processed, transformed, and thus incomplete information to the brain. And it is only because of this “occultation” that we are able to see at all. Since we have conveniently ignored this fact, we have misinterpreted and profoundly misunderstood how our universe appears:


Like a fish is the sea

Who just cannot see

The very same stuff

That it swims

(‘Joy, the Rime’) 


In acting out this tragi-comedy, we have made technological magic and wonder. Our failure lies in our historical inability to explain and understand reality by only describing and exploiting it.


The ‘trick’ is to finally acknowledge exactly what we are doing and have been doing all along; defining a finite world within a transfinite one; defining a virtual world within an actual world; a world of permanence within a world of constant, perpetual change. And to acknowledge that all science is still a process of normalization, or “finding hypothesis to save the appearances” (as the ancients used to say; vis. Ptolemy’s world).


The ‘trick’ is to acknowledge and confront our ignorance, then immerse oneself into the world of ‘unknowing’ until the point of understanding comes. And then Voila:


1. We will now understand what weight and gravity are; and, although separate, how they become each other through transduction.


2. We will now understand the meaning of the fourth dimension and the action of MASC* as the engine of substance and the basis of actuality; through transduction.


3. We will now understand the meaning of the quanta as the root of visualization and the basis of our world of appearance through transduction.


4. We will now understand the difference between substance and appearance, becoming and being, actuality and virtuality as being the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Reality respectively. All of this is possible because of transduction, the ongoing transformation (change in form) of energy which always creates entropy, an absolute necessity in our cyclical universe. For it gives us “continuity in change. This is the secret of the eternity of the universe...a new beginning is joined with every end. Movement and rest beget each other. This is the rhythm of all happening.” (I Ching).


<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>



Why does quantum physics work so well? Because the quantum process and the visual process are one and the same: changing waves into particles.


Why do such small minds come from such big brains? For the same reason that such little understanding comes from such a vast warehouse of knowledge: the modern (measuring) mind has been convinced that it is finite.


The theme of this work is that the act of vision as the primary way to truth, has for millennia, completely beguiled and overwhelmed us to such a degree that we’ve conjured up and embraced totally erroneous concepts about nature, universe and God. Thus Science and Religion, our two major theories of thought, have, in effect, given us two sides of a counterfeit coin. And not just tentatively, but with much dogmatic conviction (which creates convicts). Consequently, this ‘map in a mirror’, that nature has so cleverly provided, has become our official territory.


The theme of this work is that we live in two separate, physical, and thus tangible realities: the reality of appearance that we see only with the eyes, and the invisible reality of substance that we feel with the entire body. And both are subject to measurement and experience.


The incredulity of the truth that these discoveries lead to creates its own refuge and thus, historically, has always sealed its fate. Even today, in our financially challenged atmosphere, hardly anyone could afford to believe it. And since it would do irreparable damage to the bedrock of Science in particular, and 'official culture' in general, then why not reinterpret it? This is one of the main reasons why we have for the second time in our history what is called "the new physics."


And this is what I refer to as "the great quantum cover-up". It's the avenue that the majority of physicists adhere to simply because "the alternative is unthinkable". And to many it very well may be.


But this 'alternative' is the truth that answers all the questions! And since  it concerns infinity, it can indeed "set you free". Which can raise some problems: for how do you save someone that has no intention of being saved? How do you release a prisoner who believes in, if not loves and depends on, his incarceration? How do you remove a mask (persona) that has taken a lifetime to construct? Finally, how do you lead an utterly bored-to-death modern consumer into the pathway of the very truth that he's been conditioned (by educational propaganda and compounded by relentless Media hypnosis) to reject?

What is eternal escapes men’s notice because of their incredulity. (Heraclitus)

* see Primer and Glossary