“The Answer”




Step beyond yourself.

Step beyond the whole world.

Step beyond all existence.

When you penetrate that far,

You will shine with the original brightness.

You will realize that you are alone

In the vast universe

And that all things are nothing but you.

You will slough off past and present

And will enter the place

Where there is neither being nor non-being.


The Master remains peaceful

In the midst of continual change.





Before pondering all the questions about what, when, where, why, how and who… here is:



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The Answer




Size, Gunslinger... Size!

The greatest mystery the universe offers

 is not life but size. Size encompasses life...

Size defeats us.**




The substantive world of invisible four dimensional ‘action’ perpetually grows up around an inert three dimensional visual field. A world of perpetual change confronts its dualistic partner, non-change. Universal Process (transduction) conceals Universal Purpose (self-awareness through transduction) and vice versa. Consequently, this interference with itself produces – just for us since we are it – the two separate, tangible, physical realities of substance and appearance. True four-dimensionality – the weight of the world as it acts upon us, meets our time consuming, virtual ‘replay’, or reproduction, of three-dimensionality.


Reality is growing up around a static visual panorama. This was (is) true – Einsteinian – four dimensionality before it was normalized away by some very shell-shocked mathematicians at the turn of the 20th century.


But in the real world of true four-dimensionality, size and duration are inversely proportional and in a perpetual state of change. And since the eye that sees changes like what it sees, it can never see the change.


As psychologically shocking and repugnant it first seems, this one absolute truth   ̶  called 'perpetual flux'  ̶  and its corollary, which I call 'the Heraclitian Principle, answers all the so-called unanswerable questions (above) and practically every existential inquiry you can throw its way.


Somehow it’s become my burden to show how we’ve been perennially unable to find the right questions to resurrect this truth in a manner acceptable to our fickle minds. And such is the purport of the following testament.




*  The Second Book of the Tao, by Stephen Mitchell, © 2009, the Penguin Press, NY. “Compiled and adapted from the Chuang-tzu and the Chung Yung, with commentaries.. These are not translations; they are adaptions, sometimes very free ones.”  [Freeing oneself from his own beliefs]

**From The Dark Tower, "The Gunslinger", by Stephen King