The Revealers and Concealers




Solvay Conference 1927


The Great Cosmic Joke


The Discovery: the Holy Grail


  1. The fourth dimension, from Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Hasty adjustment to save finitude by Minkowski. And as fearless as the young Einstein was, he was not prepared to abandon 'the finite realm'.
  2. The time and size phenomena in relativity. Accelerating clocks slow down; accelerated mass increases…all from a ‘privileged’ point of view.
  3. The ‘principle of equivalence’ from Einstein's general theory of relativity. Inertia = gravitation; thus gravitation as a ‘force’ disappears. Weight, then, simply becomes the definition of inertia: the resistance to acceleration! But what in the world is accelerating?
  4. H. Weyl’s “length variable, ‘a sort of change in size’” (in relativity). This phenomenal creation was simply ignored and denied primarily because of its startling implications.
  5. The Schrödinger wave function built upon de Broglie’s matter waves. The calculation and prediction of atomic growth: E0<E<E1 through evolving energy states. Each energy state gets larger or "fatter" as it evolves over time.
  6. The verification of the above: G.P. Thomson’s Nobel winning electron refraction experiments: “How can a particle spread?” The verification that was ‘reinterpreted’ because of its implications; where a spreading fractional density became spreading probabilities (see below).
  7. G. Spencer Brown’s calculus of indication, “a new calculus of great power and simplicity (Bertrand Russell), which allows us to go back to the roots of thought to the very first distinction: where “the universe cannot be distinguished from how we act upon it.” And one of its most startling—yet quite ignored—conclusions: "…thus we cannot escape the fact that the world we know is constructed in order (and thus in such a way as to be able) to see itself.”
  8. The startling realization that the purpose of our universe is self-awareness; and to this end, “Infinity must become finite in order to see itself”. And that we must be its primary agents.


The Cover-up: the philosophy of the status quo–which ignores the implications of most of the above:


  1. Classic normalization. Without some multi-dimensional additive, the field surrounding the particle becomes infinite.
  2. Point particles. Particles with 0° radius; no size whatsoever; a necessary “embarrassment” to physics. But, since ‘it works’, it must be true.
  3. Max Born’s ‘spreading probabilities’: physical mathematics! Schrödinger’s ‘spreading’ fractional density gets reinterpreted causing everything that follows:
  4. P.A.M. Dirac’s “superposition.” (a naturally spreading particle is given infinite degrees of artificial motion until it is observed/measured)
  5. Quantum “renormalization” and/or “renormalized dimensions” (subtracting an artificial infinity from the calculated, observed, natural infinity).
  6. Mathematical infinities ad-infinitum: what happens when general relativity–gravitation–meets quantum mechanics; or when the separate realities of cause and effect meet mathematically.
  7. “The collapse of the wave-function”, or, less dramatically, “vector reduction.” This is the normalized opinion of what happens when the “spreading” quantum state is observed/measured: it is instantly “reduced to size” like a popped balloon!
  8. “The measurement problem” or “Reality crisis in physics” The paradox of co-mingling with the separate realities
  9. “Radial extensions” , “Perterbative expansions” , “Spatial extensions”  
  10. Weyl's theory is reinvented (gauge theory) to help justify renormalized additives!


Follow along now as we see how the “top secret of the physical universe” and “the greatest mystery the universe has to offer” was discovered, contemplated, and then totally and permanently buried amongst forever-unknowable mathematical abstractions.