Universal Gravitation
A Brief Overview


(This subject is treated in full in Chapters 9 through 12 in the main Appendix: here.)


A shadow is something that isn’t. It exists because light is everywhere equal except where it’s being blocked from its source by a body. And within this simple explanation of a shadow lies the subtle secret of universal gravitation.

In trying to explain just weight we discover four-dimensionality, the active mechanism, or process that animates our universe. Eventually we come to know the positive force of ‘action’ (which I call existence, to “stand out”). Weight is simply inertial mass, the resistance to this accelerated force.

In trying to explain orbital gravitation, we discover the Mach/Einstein gravitational ether, or “cosmological constant.” Thus we realize the negative force of resistance coming equally from everywhere in the universe that appears everywhere equal except between bodies.

A repulsive force (i.e., Einstein’s Cosmological Constant) coming from every direction in space equally (just like entropy!), getting stronger over distance*, will break down in the etheric shadow created between two bodies coming into proximity to each other. The repulsive force is no longer equal, each body shielding the other and beginning to accelerate towards each other. And if two bodies go into orbit around each other (earth/moon) the shadow constantly follows producing the tides, not to mention hinting at how space and matter condition each other.

Weight, as we’ve seen — despite Newton’s assumptions, followed by most of the human race — is an entirely different affair.

The positive force (acceleration) comes from within, while the negative force (resitance) comes from without. The positive force is absolutely local, while the negative force comes from every direction in “the rest of the universe” at once.

Change is the truth, the only truth. Everything else is shaping, molding, coloring, opinion, interpretation—in other words, psychology and art.


*(this is opposite to Newton’s inverse square law which gets weaker over distance!).