A mind that is stretched to a new idea
never returns to its original dimension
Oliver Wendell Holmes


The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. Oscar Wilde


The more we know about seeing the world and the visual bias we’ve spun into our basic understanding, the more we realize how ignorant, unconscious and utterly removed we’ve become from any truth about it.

Which is why the most valuable entity in our existence is that one simple truth that brings it all about: Change.

The word is pregnant. It implies action, movement and most of all, process.

Irony is borne herewith : for the greatest secret the universe has to offer is necessarily invisible because it concerns visibility itself!

From Opus IV:

The great irony of nature, which must surely occasion a smile amongst the gods, is that the process by which our universe sees itself cleverly conceals the process creating, re-creating and/or maintaining itself. And both processes are all about a simple transformation of energy and that one, simple, fundamental principle: the principle of perpetual change, which, when finally understood, changes!

God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh. (Voltaire) 

I’m no scientist, yet I will talk with some authority about Science and its foundation. Just as I’m no philosopher or theologian, yet heavily embark into the heart of their domains. I’m an epistemologist seeking truth amongst all the self-serving untruths and lies of officialdom that these three fields have allowed to happen. I must take to task the outright logical nonsense dominating the airways and the print media and, of course, the universities. For the stakes are so high.

In the spirit of metaphor, think of the earth, ‘and all you behold’, as a recurring, perennial agricultural creation; something that is born, grows and dies, leaving behind the seed for its continuance. Hence "Nature" ("birth").

Think of our universe as but "one version" of this creation, one verse of the cosmic symphony; one breath from one heartbeat that leaves its mark in the graveyard of space and time, oh so visible in the night sky.

<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>

Warning: An evolutionary step is at hand. Though few will see it; fewer still will want to understand it; and even fewer yet will have the imagination and courage to advance. Nevertheless, it's here and has always been at hand. 

But if you are trapped (imprisoned) inside your beliefs, this may not be for you. This is for the suspicious few who believe that somehow, “Official Culture” has got it all wrong; that somewhere along the line, we entirely missed the boat.

So beware: what we talk about here rarely gets seriously discussed in scientific, philosophic or religious quarters. And to openly entertain this ancient truth (of perpetual flux) long enough to understand the scope of its awesome explanatory power, is to invite a measure of your credentials, your intelligence, your sanity or your affinity with Satan.