Way-Before “The Answer”


It seems hard to find an acceptable answer to the question of how or why the world conceives a desire, and discovers an ability, to see itself, and appears to suffer the process. That it does so is sometimes called the original mystery. (G Spencer-Brown)


The process of vision dices up reality in tiny pieces called quanta so it can enter the brain through the visual cortex  ̶  its own brain! And we’ve made the stupendous mistake of thinking that reality is actually made that way existentially. And we’ve done this discontinuous, three dimensional surgery in full contradiction to the theory of relativity and its four dimensional space-time continuum.


But now we can piece together the fact that what was happening back in the early 20th century, was the discovery of the separate realities of appearance within substance, and/or three dimensions within four, and/or particles within wave-fields; and/or perception within sensation, and/or – and this is the big one, finitude within a reality that cannot possibly be finite, but transfinite, going “beyond” finitude.  This is dualism in action when taking dualism seriously (which we must do to find its monistic source).


So we don’t have a wave-particle duality threatening our way of thought, we have the dumb-founding realization that we live in two entirely separate realities which destroys our long outdated way of thought. Because we’ve been experimenting with one reality while interpreting it in another!

And because we missed the connection offered, our dependence on letting the specialists interpret their own data has led us into our present situation where we have a warehouse of knowledge and fact with zero understanding and near zero communication between specialties with their specialized languages. Be on guard when a specialist interprets comprehensive information, for “specialization precludes comprehensive thinking” (Buckminster Fuller).


It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to imagine the complete freedom of our infinite origin and destination: endlessness, no boundaries, no limits or laws whatsoever. But it is not so difficult to imagine a transfinite universe with self-determined boundaries. Nor is it too difficult to imagine how our finite nature emerges from a transfinite universe through the quantum process and/or the visual process which are one and the same! For both transform continuous light and matter wave-fields into discontinuous light and matter particles, or “bits” of information.


It’s also hard to imagine how long we will continue to take this three dimensional image we see with its two dimensional 'proofs', for the actual four-dimensional territory.