Life’s Word

Part One



This little book, Life’s Word, was published by Max Skousen and the publishing company that bears his name. It was given to him in 1968 by... “a dear friend and mentor… I was just beginning to see that if God is really God, then truly His hand is IN ALL THINGS and that I had been condemning Him and His work unknowingly all my life. So when I read the manuscript, lights began coming on in my mind and heart. I have read Life's Word many times since, and each time I read it, I am amazed at the new insights I find...As to the book’s origin, my friend would say nothing except that he had not written it…I know of no one who knows of its origin, which is fine because, therefore, it comes with no authority, no restrictions, and no dogma other than its clear message.” (M. Skousen)

Well, it was given to me in 2002, also by a friend, and I was amazed, enchanted, enhanced and perhaps even fulfilled by its insights and messages. And since its origin, authority and dogma are undefined, it fits in perfectly with our changing, transfinite existence [No copyright, thus, no copyright date]. He continues:

"In editing, I have changed basically only the old English, the ‘doests’ and ‘wilts,’ etc. Thus, in content, it is basically the original."*

By Max Skousen, Published by Max Skousen Publishing
2681 Cameron Park , Cameron Park, CA 95682

1-800-600-7327 or 1-530-676-7327

*Note: My copy of Life’s word – and thus what is contained herein – is his original published version and does not contain the above mentioned changes. However, I have changed some of the same mentioned words. This is so you cannot “mistake the meaning”.



I.                    The Mystery of Who You Are         

II.                 The Mystery That All Is Good         

III.               The Mystery of Being Healed          

IV.              The Mystery of Healing Others        

V.                 The Mystery That All Is Pure           


VI.              The Mystery of Giving

VII.            The Mystery of Humiliation 

VIII.         The Mystery of Regeneration

IX.              The Mystery of Freedom 

X.                 The Mystery of Religion    

XI.              The Mystery of Death    

Author unknown. This book was originally Published by Max Skousen Publishing
2681 Cameron Park, Cameron Park, CA 95682, date unknown


“We live and breathe and have our being by sharing in gods life. Ultimately, life is the primal energy that fuels the universe.” (The Music of Silence, pp.65)

Life’s Word


I am life. I live in all bodies, inspiring them always to do My will.

I inspire this message, which is for those only who can receive it.

I know all Mysteries. That which I send has a hidden or inward meaning for thee. If thy inward hearth does not see the wondrous truth, be sure thy brain will mistake the meaning.

Think not that Life’s Word is of no interest. If thy body thrills when touched by earthly joys, how much more will it thrill to the touch of that which is Heavenly! If thy blood flows quicker and thy tears spring forth when earthly emotions quicken thee, how deep and strong shall be the current when I put Mine own hand on thy heart!

Fear not Life’s Word, It will strip thee bare of thy complacency, it will destroy thy self-righteousness, it will show thee that thou hast always condemned Me unknowingly, and it will humiliate thee to the dust. Yet fear it not, for thou art Mine. Unto Myself have I taken thee, though thou dost not know it.

Fear is lack of trust. If thou dost not trust Me, whom will thou trust? Will thou put thy trust in father or mother, or brother or sister? These, too, do My will, however selfishly they seem to act toward thee. Have thou found that they betray thy confidence, that they expect of thee that which thou can not give? Blame them not. They are My ministers to bring thee unto Myself in perfect surrender.

Thou need not worship Me. In thy heart there is that which is one with Me. But if thou does sincerely worship any god or any god-like man, or anything of Heaven or Earth, then thou does, unknowingly, worship Me. Has thou an ideal? I am that. Have thou a love? I am that.

Thou need not believe Life’s Word. Thou shall feel in thy heart that I am there, but I have given thee also a brain to question, and analyze, and deny. Fear not to use it, for I have sanctioned its power both to question and to analyze, and also even to deny.

Thou will be told that I am all-powerful, and always cause My will to be done. Whether the thought comes to thee to penetrate into the Holy mysteries of My revelation, or that other impulse comes to thee to refuse or neglect My message, know that both of these are from Me, and are sent unto thee in order that thou may be called by that one which appeals to thee the strongest.

If the thought comes unto thee that this message is not inspired of Me, then be sure that it is not for thee as being a message of authority, but it is for thee just as thou may see it. If thou are filled with wrath that My authority be claimed for all that is done, know that such wrath also is divine and that I inspire it in thy heart and make it serve My will. I do all things well, and it shall be well for thee if thou can take this message as being of no authority—except as My voice in thine own heart does speak

In all writings, all speech and all language, there is no voice but Mine. That which calls thee not is no voice at all, but that which calls thee, whether to be bold or to surrender, is My voice alone.

I live and love in thy body. When thou say, “I am” or “I love”, then that is Me speaking. When thou say, “I have” or “I want”, or “I believe”, then, that is the self-consciousness speaking for itself. And behold, the self-consciousness shall die, with its possessions and desires and beliefs, but I am undying forever.

Thou has a body, but thou are not thy body. Thou has a consciousness of self-existence, but thou are not thy consciousness. What then are thou? Body thou are not, consciousness thou are not,—thou can not tell what thou are! But herein I show thee the first Mystery. THOU ARE I, MYSELF! Thou are one with Me. Yea, thou, even thou, are God of Gods, Creator of Worlds, the beginning and the ending, the All-power, the triune glory of Life, Truth and Love, which thou has deigned to make thy body Its habitation. Thy body is My temple wherein I dwell and through which I express My will.

In due season thou shall feel the ever-present “I am” and “I love” in thy heart. Then thou shall know that thou are Mine; that thy mouth speaks My voice; that thy heart beats with Divine impulse, and that I live in thee.

Perhaps you think now that you are a separate soul, but hereafter thou shall see the heavens opened into thy heart and then thou shall see that I, and I alone, exist, and that there is no other soul or Spirit but Me.

Does thou say, “Is there none but God? Then who am I?” Thou shall say it no more, for this mystery shall be revealed unto thee.


I have developed thy body by devious ways, that it might be a fit habitation for Me. Generation after generation of bodies have gone before you, each generation adding strength to the constitution and eliminating some weakness; and now, if thou can receive it, thy body is ready for the consciousness of My presence.

Through devious ways have I brought thee, providing every influence that could appeal to thee, in order that bodies shall be developed to whom nothing can appeal by My will. Have I not hardened thy heart to the cry of the oppressed, and suffered thee to be tempted to sin, and have I not fed thee on the poisoned fruit of the forbidden tree of the so-called knowledge of good and evil? Yea, all this have I done, that characters might be developed in the formation and organization of bodily frames which would be immune from such poison.

Through cycles of time has the false “knowledge of good and evil” poisoned the blood of my people—my bodies. But unto you who can awake from the dream of evil induced by that poison shall be shown the Second Mystery.

The words of the Second Mystery are known to many, and are used by many to perform wonders; yet thou need not pass lightly by those words. For many have healed divers diseases with these words and yet have never known their true meaning. On thy heart I write these words, “ALL IS GOOD”, and this is the Second Mystery.

Do you say that herein is no mystery? Yet thou shall see Me when thou see that “all is good.”

I am God. I live in all bodies and am omnipotent. Thou cannot find any so-called evil place, but I am there. I, only I, am there, developing my bodies by devious ways. In every impulse I live, conforming to no rule.

Do you think that I conform to ANY rule or ideal or standard? That I must work My will on the same pattern in another body that I have fixed in thee?

In thee I fix a mental pattern which finds fault with My life in another body. Yea, I call with all voices that each body may differently obey, for all obey My will. When thou behold my work putting to blush thy mental ideals and sense of fitness, does thou say in thy heart, “Such can not be God’s will”? Or do thou say, “If such is God’s will, then he is no God to me”? Then it is still well with thee, for behold it is I that live in thee, prompting thy speech! Until thou are ready to live consciously as Me, it is well that thou should conform to the ideals which thou has set up for thyself. Until thou are moved by inspiration and love, it is well that thou should be moved by conscience and desire.

If thou has a desire in thy heart laying down any rule of action for others, wishing them to be what thou call “good” and to conform to thy thought of “right” or of “duty”, or of that which they “ought to do”, then thou will say, “Can such things be God’s will?” when thou sees all My works.

I have no desire. But unto thee, until thou are ready for My glory, I give all desires which the form of thy mind can accept. Whether thou does desire for thyself or for others or for both thyself and others; whether thou does desire possessions or “goodness”, or that others shall be “good”; in all cases these desires are sent unto thee by Me, in order that thy body shall gain strength toward expressing that Joy of Life which I am, and which is beyond desire.

I justify all things. Let all who use the sacred words, “All is good”, and work many cures thereby, know that these words justify every separate body and act. I am Truth. There is no truth but that which IS. All of that which IS is Truth.

Have you a conscience which says unto thee that you should do this and should not do that? I have given it to thee! I have given thee a conscience on every point that the form of thy mind can receive. Unto thee I reveal its purpose, and in due time thou shall see My purpose not only in giving thee a conscience, but in giving each of MY bodies a conscience, each differing from every other. I am developing the organs of thy mind and body to the end that they may express My Joy.

Now the organ of your mind which will afterwards express My freedom can best be developed by the struggle against bondage. Therefore, I have sent you all the bondage of conscience which you can accept.

Because the organ of thy mind which shall afterwards express the sweet consciousness of Me can best be developed to that end by the oppressive self-consciousness, have I sent thee all the self-consciousness which thee can stand, working in thee to prepare thy mind to be wholly Mine, and wholly controlled by the breath of My inspiration.

So I say unto thee that it is well that thou are controlled by conscience and desire until thy mind is grown and thou can become conscious of Me—thereafter to be controlled by inspiration and love alone.



Thy body is My habitation. Does it suffer pains, worries or disappointments? Know then that these are the ministers of conscience and desire.

Herein is the Third Mystery, that as inspiration is higher than conscience, and love is higher than desire, so is My perfect will higher than aught that seems to harm any one of My bodies.

It is well that everything shall come to thy body which can come; in order that when the word of inspiration is spoken and thy body is healed, thou shall be strong to express My perfect health.

By generation after generation have I formed thy body, giving it a formation and constitution and character whereby it can be affected only by that which is for it. It can feel nothing but what is for the growth of its strength.

Does thou say, “Can this be true of dying?” Yea, it is true even of the dying, and thou shall see it. But thou are not dying, and this message is unto thee. Seek to evade it if thou will by thinking how it would be unto others, but know that I have so far given thee just wisdom enough for thine own life, and that if thou are able to understand thyself, thou shall do well, leaving those others to Me.

I have developed thy constitution to the point where thy body has become wholly operated by nerve force, and I have developed that nerve force in thy body to the end that it might obey My will.

Whether thou does submit thyself to My will or not, be sure that My will is worked out in thy body; but when thou does submit thyself and does surrender to Me, the war in thy nervous forces shall cease, and thy body become a harmonious instrument for expressing My inspiration and love. This is healing, the Third Mystery.

And unto you who cannot yet surrender, because I have not yet developed your bodies and minds to that point, I give this message: that all forces will yield unto the word of inspiration spoken through the mouths of others. So potent is the word of inspiration that even the form of words used is repeated by those who do not know Me, to do many wonderful works.

Am I unjust that I develop some bodies to fruitage sooner than others? Do I not bring forth the ripened berry earlier in the season than the ripened peach? Therefore I say that My bodies which have surrendered unto me and that are conscious of doing My will, are likened unto the humble blackberry, while you who receive this message with scorn, or a sense of bondage, are likened unto peaches which shall hereafter ripen with a glorious fullness unknown to the more quickly ripened smaller fruit.

Am I unable to answer all the questions which I Myself have planted in thy mind? If thou should ask, “What about bodies that have died? Are they, too, ripened?” Should I not be able to answer? Yea, I am able to answer all things, and shall unfold to thee all Mysteries. This Third Mystery concerns only thyself. Others I will show to thee in due season.


Not blessed above the rest are ye unto whom I give the Fourth Mystery. Through your bodies I radiate My glory and send vitality to other bodies. Through your minds I quicken the minds and nerves of other bodies, acting upon them according to My will, that I may ripen them to great destinies. Ye who have this Fourth Mystery, the gift of healing others, are no better than those others, and if ye are happier than they, yet your happiness is not more profitable than their unhappiness.

Other bodies have I prepared for thy ministrations, O holder of the key of the Fourth Mystery! Others less ripened than thou are awaiting thy help! But until thou has accepted from Me the power to heal and the sure knowledge that I am in thee and thou in ME, and until thou can say “I love”, knowing that it is I in thy body which say it, even until then thou are only an imitator of My healing power.

Until thou knows Me it is well if thou can imitate what thou think I am.  If so, well—and if not, well. For I am working My will in thy body now, and thou shall see My glory when thine eyes grow strong enough to endure such a light.

Shall thou say to Me: “does god do it all and is there nothing for me to do?” Yea, I do it all; thou hast but to Be, and to Grow, as I see fit to develop thee. When thou can no longer hold thyself up as a separate person from Me, thou will surrender to Me and I will use thy body to radiate My love to others.

To exercise My healing power, thou must tenderly love, without desire, the body that thou would heal.

Unto many I reveal a tender love with desire. Such a revelation of Myself comes to the maiden or youth with a power of gladness which is a foretaste of My Joy. But unto thee shall be revealed a more tender love, without desire and even without desire for a return of affection. Now if that degree of tenderness that I reveal unto many causes a supreme gladness of the heart, to what height of bliss shall they rise unto whom I give the power of radiating My perfect love?

Each radiation of My love is a healing power which pierces unto the uttermost, giving forth a new and sweet vitality.

I am only waiting to use thy body to radiate forth My love and life, waiting until thou shall give up thy so-called knowledge of good and evil, and surrender unto Me.


I am pure. Unto Me all things are pure. I see not only that which appears, which in itself gives the thought of impurity; but I see also the very inmost thought of the heart. Are not Mine eyes too pure to behold impurity? Yet is there anything that I do not see?

Therefore I reveal unto thee the Fifth Mystery, the Mystery of Purity.

Unto each I give the measure of My purity which each one is capable of receiving. Thou cannot yet know all My purity, therefore are thou are guided by such portion as thou has. It is well for thee to be what thou think is purity until I reveal this mystery unto thee.

No ceremony can cause that which is selfish to become unselfish. If then any possession of another without ceremony would be selfish, so also is that possession if taken with the world’s sanction.

Herein is the Fifth Mystery. Not that I lay any commandment upon thee, but that I call thee from a lesser pleasure unto a greater. If it be a pleasure to thee to hold another in bondage unto thyself, well. If it be pleasure to win another’s love thyself, well. Even if it be a pleasure to bind another with a bond that thou does not thyself observe, well. But listen unto My voice calling thee from these pleasures!

Thy body is My temple. Shall I not cause it to glow with the fire of My glory? Do thou think I am not able to keep it pure without thy help? Yea, I am able, and thou shall know the mystery of My purity. Struggle as thou will against what thou thinks impure. Thy struggle is not in vain, for out of it shall grow strength, that thy sight may not be blinded when I show thee that all things are pure.

That which appears impure unto thee is not tender love between woman and man, however or wherever shown. But the appearance of desire is impure unto thee. Even unto thee, tender love without desire does not seem impure.

Naught can sully the purity of that body wherein I dwell. Fear not, therefore, anything that can come to thy mind from without, for I am within.

Has thou been warned by others not to think certain thoughts and not allow thyself certain actions? Heed the warning well until I reveal Myself further unto thee, for those others are also My ministers, sent unto thee to keep thee struggling until thou knows this mystery.

Has thou certain standards in thy mind of purity of thought, purity of action and holy living? They also are from Me and I have sent them unto thee to the end that thou might be influenced by them and thy development enhanced. But think not that such standards apply to any others save thyself, for unto each have I given a different standard, according to their needs, and their standard is as good to them as thine is to thee, each to each. Therefore if thy standard be preached to them such preaching would be an attempt to interfere with the standards which I have given unto them. But fear not to preach thy standard if it pleases thee to do so, for I will cause such preaching to be of benefit to thee.

Associate thyself with others to bring about social changes or reforms if thou will. Take those that offend thee before thy courts and prosecute them as thou will. All such crusades or prosecutions will I cause to be a medium for accomplishing My will.

Yet know that they whom thou do prosecute are also servants of My will.

Pray earnestly, if thou will, that certain conditions, which are obnoxious to thee, be abolished. Strive with thy fellows unto that end, if it seems right unto thee. Pride thyself, if thou choose, on exercising a strong influence against such conditions. I will be with thee in all such prayers and strivings.

Yet know that I have provided those obnoxious conditions on purpose to exercise thy heart and the hearts of all who are affected thereby, and will sanctify them unto thee, yea, even thy deepest distress.

That which thou deems a disgrace to thy times, to thy City, or to thee, is intended by Me to work a great advantage unto thee.

Yet I will that thou shall fight as if it were an enemy, if thou see it as an enemy, and herein is this mystery!